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Spencer Dorn


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(2 soprano, 4 alto, 3 tenor, 2 bari, bass)

A "solenoid" is a clever electronic device that uses a magnetic field to convert electrical energy into linear movement. It is often used in electrical circuits to prevent a short circuit or to protect the operator of a high voltage switch. In a sense, it is the vital lever that literally sparks the next surge of energy. These ideas and concepts are the basis for this piece. Since the first widespread use of a solenoid was as the moving part in a telegraph machine, its infamous clicking sound was incorporate as a rhythmic motive. The piece opens with these rhythms as well as uses them throughout. The descending chromatic lines in the opening statement are combined with wicked “guitar-like” licks and “power chord” harmonies, creating a unique rock-grunge-like texture. All of this, combined with the full strength of a large sax ensemble, generates the power and electricity needed for the build-up to the climactic blowout.

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