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About Us

Lovebird Music was founded in February 2007 with two goals:

  1. To make high-quality instrumental music available using the most effective online technology available, and
  2. To provide a better compensation model for composers and arrangers, providing streamlined services that minimize costs and maximize profit for the writer.

Each work features a full audio recording, PDF score sample and complete description so you know exactly what you're getting. Payments are accepted through PayPal or credit card for quick and easy order processing. We also accept purchase orders from accredited educational institutions.

If you find anything on our website difficult to use, please contact us so we can make it better.

Let us sell your music!

The landscape of the music business is changing rapidly. The classical recording industry is still reeling from recent technology shifts (like iTunes) and the music publishing industry is also due for an overhaul. When I first began publishing my band works I was surprised to find out that composers receive as little as 10% in royalties from their works, even after they sign contracts giving over all the copyrights to the publisher... FOREVER. I learned that the traditional publishing model is all about exploiting their copyright - serving their writers is secondary at best. The big name publishers certainly have their benefits, but there is a lot of fantastic music that never gets picked up by them.

In the instrumental and educational music business, most works only sell a few copies and a work that sells a hundred copies is very successful. In the past, a traditional publisher needed to recover the costs of typesetting and formatting. However, the costs of producing scores and parts have dropped dramatically thanks to the availability and ease-of-use of software like Finale and Sibelius.

Lovebird Music is not a traditional publisher! It's this simple: you provide your Finale files and a recording of your piece, and we provide Internet marketing, order processing, printing and shipping. Then we pay you a full 50% of the base sales price. We don't ask for the copyright - you keep it! And you can cancel the contract at any time if you decide to sign with a publisher later on.

Sign with a traditional publisher and sell your rights... Sign with Lovebird and sell your music!

Submitting Your Works

We would be happy to evaluate your composition or arrangement for publication, provided it meets the following qualifications:

  1. The work is either (A) your original composition or (B) an arrangement of a public domain work.
  2. The work is arranged for concert band, orchestra or other ensemble of winds, strings, or percussion. 
  3. You have a good quality LIVE recording of your work. If your piece has not been performed successfully, it is not ready for publication. Synthesized (MIDI) recordings are not acceptable.
  4. Your score and individual parts are publication ready. We will not do major reformatting work for you, although we can give you guidance to prepare your work for publication.