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Alchemy Test

Brett Kroening

Alchemy Test

$ 30.00

(Percussion Trio)

Ancient alchemy had a focus on research of metaphysical, natural, and spiritual discovery - a non-linear practice that lead to what we would call modern chemistry.

alchemy test asks for an unconventional array of instruments including: crotales, tom-toms, chopsticks, crystal glasses, bells, suspended cymbal with ridged coin, and bowed vibraphone. Commissioned in the fall of 2016, alchemy test explores laboratory-like sounds consisting of varieties of glass, wood, metal, and containers of liquid. In pursuit of alchemic creation - scientific, medical, or material - the work is a brief audio experiment of what such a test might sound like in pursuit by ancient alchemic discovery. The piece was premiered February 2nd in Austin, TX by the commissioning ensemble, line upon line.

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