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Ballad, Blues and Boogie

David Lovrien

Ballad, Blues and Boogie

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Ballad, Blues and Boogie is a swinging, playable tour de force for concert band and jazz trio. After an atmospheric introduction, the initial melodic motifs bloom into a lush jazz ballad with phrases trading between trio and ensemble. After an introspective piano cadenza, the trio settles into a lazy minor-key blues with space for open jazz solos. The drummer then picks up the tempo, inviting piano and bass to begin an unstoppable boogie groove, gaining steam with each chorus. Earlier melodic themes reappear, transformed - along with tips of the hat to the great boogie-woogie sounds of yester-year. Brass with plunger mutes and swinging saxophones add layer upon layer of energy, alternating with solos from the jazz trio. It builds relentlessly to a final statement of the original ballad, and then it's "full tilt boogie" to the end! Grade 4+. Performance Time 16' (varies with jazz solos)

Commissioned by the Plano Community Band in memory of Tommy Guilbert.
Premiered by the PCB with the Stockton Helbing Trio in April 2017.

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