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Top 200 Most Performed College Band Works, 2008-2014

Our friends at J.W. Pepper publish a list of all pieces performed by College Band Directors National Association member bands from 2008-2014. This provides an excellent snapshot of what was popular during those years, but when sorted by "Times Played" the data is difficult to navigate. Below is a simple table showing all pieces performed more than 10 times over the span, sorted by Times Played.

I cleaned up some inconsistencies including multiple arrangements that were being counted as separate compositions (Stars and Stripes Forever, Candide, West Side Story, Children's March).

A few interesting things:

  • Percy Grainger wins for both number of performances (360) for number of pieces in the list (14).
  • Frank Ticheli places second for performances (248) and number of pieces (12).
  • John Mackey places third for performances (139), just ahead of Vaughan Williams (136), Sousa (132) and Eric Whitacre (131).
  • The most popular traditional Sousa march (after The Stars and Stripes Forever) was "Black Horse Troop".
  • In this author's opinion, Toccata Marziale is way too high up the list.
  • I discovered that the query parameters on the J.W. Pepper page are wide open, so it is possible to see all data rows on one page (about 9300 rows). Searching the full page gives you better total performances (Grainger-459, Ticheli-346, Sousa-313, Mackey-209).

You can also download an Excel spreadsheet of the data below.


Played Title Composer
69 Lincolnshire Posy Grainger
52 Irish Tune Grainger
51 March from Symphonic Metamorphosis Hindemith
51 October Whitacre
49 Second Suite in F Holst
49 English Folk Song Suite Vaughan Williams
49 O Magnum Mysterium Lauridsen
44 Chester Schumann
44 Children's March Grainger
38 Ecstatic Fanfare Bryant
38 Overture to "Candide" Bernstein
38 The Stars and Stripes Forever Sousa
37 Give Us This Day Maslanka
37 Colonial Song Grainger
37 Festive Overture Shostakovich
36 Variations on a Korean Folk Song Chance
36 Toccata Marziale Vaughan Williams
36 First Suite in E-flat Holst
35 Commando March Barber
34 La Fiesta Mexicana Reed
34 Suite Francaise Milhaud
33 George Washington Bridge Schumann
32 Rocky Point Holiday Nelson
32 Elegy for a Young American Lo Presti
32 Symphony in B-flat (Hindemith) Hindemith
32 Mother Earth, A Fanfare Maslanka
31 Angels in the Architecture Ticheli
31 Hymn to a Blue Hour Mackey
30 Folk Dances Shostakovich
29 Variations on America Ives
29 American Overture for Band Jenkins
29 Chorale and Alleluia Hanson
29 Pageant Persichetti
29 Cathedrals Salfelder
28 Vientos y Tangos Gandolfi
28 Divertimento for Band Persichetti
28 Blue Shades Ticheli
28 Strange Humors Mackey
28 Symphonic Dance No. 3 Williams
27 Canzona Mennin
26 Scenes from The Louvre Dello Joio
26 America The Beautiful Ward/Dragon
26 West Side Story Bernstein
25 Serenade for Winds in E-flat Major Strauss
25 Dusk Bryant
25 Hold this Boy and Listen Pann
25 Symphony #2 Ticheli
24 Molly on the Shore Grainger
23 Sketches on a Tudor Psalm Tull
23 Third Suite Jager
23 Courtly Airs and Dances Nelson
23 Symphony for Band No. 6 Persichetti
23 Prelude, Siciliano and Rondo Arnold
23 Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral Wagner
22 Prelude pour precede "La Peri" Dukas
22 Slava Bernstein
22 William Byrd Suite Jacob
22 Sleep Whitacre
22 Russian Christmas Music Reed
21 An American Elegy Ticheli
21 Amparito Roca Texidor
21 Four Scottish Dances Arnold
21 Black Horse Troop Sousa
21 Paris Sketches Ellerby
20 Wild Nights! Ticheli
20 American Salute Gould
20 Chorale and Shaker Dance Zdechlik
20 Sea Songs Vaughan Williams
20 Undertow Mackey
20 Lux Arumque Whitacre
20 Shenandoah Ticheli
20 Rest Ticheli
20 Salvation is Created Tschesnokoff
20 Petite Symphonie Gounod
19 March, Op. 99 Prokofiev
19 Symphony No. 4 Maslanka
19 Procession of the Nobles Rimsky-Korsakov
19 The Gum Suckers March Grainger
19 Handel in the Strand Grainger
19 Gavorkna Fanfare Stamp
19 Easter Monday on the White House Lawn Sousa
19 Flourish for Wind Band Vaughan Williams
18 Ave Maria Biebl
18 Overture for Winds Carter
18 Vesuvius Ticheli
18 Fantasia in G minor Bach
18 Kingfishers Catch Fire Mackey
18 Incantation and Dance Chance
18 An Outdoor Overture Copland
18 Suite Dreams Bryant
17 Variants on a Mediaeval Tune Dello Joio
17 Old Wine in New Bottles Jacob
17 Lincoln Portrait Copland
17 Trauersinfonie Wagner
17 Masque Hesketh
17 The Thunderer Sousa
17 Symphony No. 3 "Slavyanskaya" Kozhevnikov
17 Sleigh Ride Anderson
17 Festival Prelude Reed
17 Kirkpatrick Fanfare Boysen
17 Cajun Folk Songs Ticheli
16 The Engulfed Cathedral Debussy
16 Esprit de Corps Jager
16 Amazing Grace Ticheli
16 Contre Qui, Rose Lauridsen
16 Suite of Old American Dances Bennett
16 Spoon River Grainger
16 Hammersmith Holst
16 The Solitary Dancer Benson
16 Tunbridge Fair Piston
16 Southern Harmony Grantham
16 Santuary Ticheli
16 Postcard Ticheli
16 Shortcut Home Wilson
16 Americans We Fillmore
16 Music for Prague 1968 Husa
16 Dance of the Jesters Tchaikovsky
16 Ye Banks and Braes o' Bonnie Doon Grainger
16 Aurora Awakes Mackey
15 Nobles of the Mystic Shrine Sousa
15 Risting in the Peace of His Hands Gibson
15 Danza Final "Malambo" from Estancia Ginastera
15 Fanfare and Allegro Williams
15 Concertino for Four Percussion Gillingham
15 Fanfare for the Common Man Copland
15 Who Puts His Trust in God Most Just Bach
15 On a Hymnsong of Philip Bliss Holsinger
15 Awayday Gorb
15 Rhapsody in Blue Gershwin
15 Themes from Green Bushes Grainger
15 Old Home Days Suite Ives
14 The British Eighth Elliott
14 Barnum and Bailey's Favorite King
14 The Shadow of Sirius Puckett
14 Wedding Dance Press
14 Of Sailors and Whales McBeth
14 Festivo Gregson
14 Inglesina Delle Cese
14 Asphalt Cocktail Mackey
14 Country Gardens Grainger
14 Ghost Train Whitacre
14 Celebration Overture Creston
14 Blessed Are They Brahms
14 Profanation from Symphony No. 1 Bernstein
14 Satiric Dances Dello Joio
13 Adagio for Wind Orchestra Rodrigo
13 Niagara Falls Daugherty
13 Mars from The Planets Holst
13 West Point Symphony Gould
13 Armenian Dances, Part 1 Reed
13 Early Light Bremer
13 Australian Up Country Tune Grainger
13 His Honor Fillmore
13 Raise The Roof Daugherty
12 Fugue a la Gigue Bach
12 Carmina Burana Orff
12 Elegy Chance
12 Gran Partita K. 361 Mozart
12 Galop Shostakovich
12 Country Band March Ives
12 Cloudburst Whitacre
12 Moon by Night Newman
12 An Original Suite Jacob
12 Ballad for Band Gould
12 Foundry Mackey
12 Theme and Variations, Op. 43a Schoenberg
12 and the mountains rising nowhere Schwantner
12 Serenade in D minor, Op. 44 Dvorak
12 Symphony on Themes of Sousa Hearshen
12 March of the Belgian Paratroopers Leemans
12 Suite from Mass Bernstein
12 Prelude in E-flat minor, Op. 34 No. 14 Shostakovich
12 The Seal Lullaby Whitacre
12 Rhosymedre Vaughan Williams
12 Fandango Turrin
12 Fantasia in G Major Mahr
12 Morning Alleluias for the Winter Solstice Nelson
12 Armenian Dances, Part 2 Reed
11 The Alcotts Ives
11 J'ai ete au bal Grantham
11 Shadow Rituals Markowski
11 Star Wars Trilogy Williams
11 Light Cavalry Overture von Suppe
11 Song for Lyndsay Boysen
11 Suite from Pineapple Poll Sullivan
11 Symphony No. 3 Giannini
11 Ride Hazo
11 Hill Song No. 2 Grainger
11 Millenium Canons Puts
11 La Procession du Rocio Turina
11 Bayou Breakdown Karrick
11 American Riversongs LaPlante
11 Lauds, Praise High Day Nelson
11 Semper Fidelis Sousa
11 My Jesus, Oh What Anguish Bach
11 Rolling Thunder Fillmore
11 Hymn for the Lost and the Living Ewazen
11 Armed Forces Salute arr. Lowden
11 Manhattan Beach March Sousa
11 Zion Welcher
11 Pas Redouble Saint Saens
11 National Emblem March Bagley
11 Kaddish McBeth
11 Psalm for Band Persichetti
11 Shepherd's Hey Grainger
11 Alligator Alley Daugherty

Author: David Lovrien

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